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The way

Happily walked to the old man sitting in the shade under the tree that he found someone to ask the way and ask him the tack to go.

After giving the once over, “I only know my own way; you should find your way too” said the old man.

He looked around and “tell me what way should I walk?” the young despairingly asked once again.

“It is time to go” said the old man and straighten up getting strength from his cane.

“Even if you don't know where to go, you should know where you shouldn’t go” said the old man walking away

The young laughed loudly with impunity and said “ I don’t know it either” shrieking with laughter.

He was tired.

He had no strength left to walk or to ask more.

He sat down where the old man got up.

Then, leaned against the tree and closed his eyes.

He finally heard that the old man said “if everything is fine maybe you're not on the right way.”

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