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Coordinates without Numbers

I am in a garden,

where a mole that got bored with dig in the ground is seeking an opportunity to sunbathe,

where an overgrown pumpkin that has already obtained the right of rot because it wasn't plucked in time but that sought its chance to be a dessert with walnut down to the wire was left to seed where it was,

where a honeybee, whose drunken flapping of wings shows it doesn't care about the value of the pollen it carries, began to take a new tour around the flower because it couldn't decide if alighting on the flower is worth for the nectar, at its third tour as well,

where a corn that does not like its place or its water, gave up bearing fruit by choosing to protest the conditions it was in, instead of expressing this complaint.

However, I am in the north of the fence that although I can more or less guess what it was for, I may never find out by whom it was put.

It is close to evening and the sun is getting tired of sabotaging my photos…

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